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Trying to carry on and use a broken iPad full of glass or other damage can be very frustrating. You should never buy a new iPad because of common damages, such as a broken screens as it is often not cost effective or environmentally friendly. This is where we step in to carry out all forms of iPad repairs.

We specialize in repairing Apple products to provide fast, reliable, and quality services in this field. Our technicians have been trained to handle even the worst problems with the iPad. If you think your iPad is damaged beyond repair, don’t give up hope, our professional repair techniques can provide you with a free no obligation quote to see if this problem can be solved! Most of the time we manage to fix even the most damaged iPads.

We maintain the integrity of advanced iPad repairs. We only use the highest quality and OEM parts to repair your iPad and offer a minimum 12 month warranty on all iPad repairs. Problems with your iPad after a repair? Bring it back for warranty evaluation and we will fix any defective parts that were used during the original repair, our current warranty repair rate is at 1.3% which means for every 100 iPad repairs we carry out just over 1 will come back in with an issue.

Most common iPad repairs

The most common of the iPad repairs we carry out are for a damaged screen and or LCD display. Our highly trained tech can repair virtually any type of iPad, be it a cracked screen, water malfunction, speaker issues, charging port issues, a battery that no longer holds a charge. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation we are here to help.

One of the great benefits of having such experienced and highly trained staff is that we can diagnose and repair equipment quickly and efficiently. Whatever the problem with your iPad device, we’ve seen it all. From cracked screens to blank screens, we can diagnose and repair any problems you may be experiencing.

All our iPad repairs start with an evaluation to localize the source of the fault and apply the right solution. Let us help you with the following:

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with your iPad charging port and replace it if it is faulty. Repairs usually take less time than you may think.

Water Damage

If your iPad device has lost its vibration, not charging, or the camera is damaged, we can repair your iPad. We also repair volume and power buttons that don’t work. These problems can all be caused by water ingress.

iPad Sound Repairs

If you have a problem with the sound on your iPad. If your iPad doesn’t have sound or it’s not clear, it could be a problem with your speakers, buzzer, or headphone jacks. We can repair any Apple iPad sound problems. This also includes whether your iPad has been damaged by water.

So when your iPad device is faulty don’t hesitate, take a look at our prices and book your repair with us, or call us for a free quotation, and we’ll work to restore your device to its former glory.

Devices We Repair

  • IPad 7 2019
  • IPad Mini 5
  • IPad Air 3
  • IPad Pro 3rd Gen 11″
  • IPad Pro 3rd Gen 12.9
  • IPad 6 2018
  • IPad Pro 2nd Gen 10.5
  • IPad Pro 2nd Gen 12.9
  • IPad 5 2017
  • IPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9
  • IPad Pro 1st Gen 9.7
  • IPad Mini 4
  • IPad Air 2
  • IPad Mini 3
  • IPad Mini 2
  • IPad Air
  • IPad 4
  • IPad 3
  • IPad 2

Quality Guaranteed Service

We are proud to offer repair service where quality comes first, every time. We use only the best parts to repair your Apple device. You can trust us to make sure your product gets the best care possible. Also, if for some reason we are unable to fix your device, we will not charge a fee.


The first iPad model was announced in January 2010 and released on April 3 of that year. The device resembles a larger iPod Touch, with a 9.7 “LED-backlit display with multi-touch capabilities. Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, the iPad Apple’s iPad The OS was run on a mobile operating system, while the launch model can only be connected to WiFi.


Can you fix my iPad even if it does not turn on?

If your iPad or tablet is still on but you can’t see any images on the display, chances are the LCD is damaged or malfunctioning. Bring your device for a free diagnostic test. We will not carry out any repairs without first informing you.

How much do iPad repairs cost?

The final repair cost is linked to many factors such as model, type of damage, and cost of replacement parts. Our services are, part for part some of the most cost effective in the country using the number one supplier for the industry, so we get to provide the best quality spare parts for our customers at a low cost effective price.

Are your technicians certified?

Our tech team has years of experience and expertise in new technologies and they always follow the manufacturer’s standards and high industry standards. Even for the most advanced models of iPad devices, their knowledge always grows by establishing modern repair methods. Our team consists of the most trained electronics engineers in electronic repair, with a success rate of over 95%.


It is advisable to give your damaged device a proper resuscitation opportunity in the hands of expert technicians, who will not only fix your iPad but also prevent any kind of data interruption. Repairing a damaged device should always be the work of experts, who use modern equipment and advanced technology to restore it to its original state. You should take advantage of our experience, knowledge, and resources to turn your damaged iPad  into a fully working device, ready to work for many more years to come.

iPad Repair Service Exeter Devon and UK

“You can call us on 01404 515095 or book your iPad Repair on our website, should you not see the repair you need then please get in touch and we always do our best to help, you can also reach out to us on our Facebook Page

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