Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions governing the use of our website. Using our website indicates that you accept our terms and conditions. This does not affect your statutory rights. If you do not accept our terms and conditions below please stop using our service.

NOTE: All customers are required to use their order number as a reference in any communication with us.


Our guarantee covers the parts in which we replaced for 365 days. Any repairs made to customers equipment will repaired at no extra cost should it fail with the same part failure within 365 days so long as the device is not opened by third party.

Phone screens: We provide a lifetime warranty on all phone screens supplied and fitted by Fonefix Honiton, this warranty covers manufacture defects and is for the LCD display and touch screen, the warranty is non transferable and does not cover against physical, accidental damage or water contact.

Guarantee excludes faults relating to physical, accidental or water damage to a customers device. If after repair the device is returned and has cosmetic damage i.e cracked screen, this needs to reported the next working day at the latest, and sent to our repair centre as soon as possible, but no later than 5 working days.

In case of water damaged devices, because of the specific, unpredictable nature of the damages, 365 day warranty will given only for the parts used to repair the fault not the device as a whole. We cannot predict future faults from water damage and any additional repairs needed will not covered under warranty if they were not replaced when the device is first diagnosed.

If a customer does not provide their passcode or the device is blocked by other security (i.e. Apple blockage) we cannot check the device is fully functioning. Therefore we will not cover the return postage cost from customer to us and also the customer is obliged to pay return postage cost from us to his/her address.

When security seals get damaged by a customer, he/she looses any warranty for services and spare parts used.

Customers are responsible for any damages to a device sent to us resulting from inadequate packaging or from the customers own neglect.

Warranty Disclaimer For Items Repaired 

By submitting your device to FoneFix Honiton for repairs you authorise FoneFix Honiton to carry out said repairs on your device, as well as everything contained within this disclaimer.

You accept that this repair could lead to the creation of other faults or highlighting of other faults that by their nature cannot be repaired by FoneFix Honiton. You understand that it is your own responsibility to create a backup of the data on your device that you wish to keep..

You accept that any repairs carried out by FoneFix Honiton may void the manufacturer warranty and then FoneFix Honiton will not take any responsibility if the manufacturer’s warranty is void or refused. You accept that it is your responsibility to inform FoneFix Honiton of any and all faults you are aware of on your device, and that while checks are carried out both before and after the repair, some faults may remain invisible to FoneFix Honiton

You accept that lifetime warranty provided by PFoneFix Honiton is non-transferable across devices and that these warranties will be terminated if the device changes ownership.

A FoneFix Honiton warranty will only apply to a faulty repaired or replaced part. It does not cover any kind of accidental/ intentional/ unrelated damage. The warranty will only ever cover replacement and never refund. As part of our check we will always unlock your device to ensure that the device is working correctly following repairs. We will require your password to do this if your device is password protected.Your warranty will be void, if the device is opened or worked on by any other party.


Refunds will issued for all work diagnosed by us and/or customer self diagnosed orders only if our company has not successfully completed this repair. Please note that a diagnosis fee applies and is not refundable.

Where the device requires an additional repair, and the customer chooses not to proceed, or it is too expensive to complete, no refund will issued due to the original successful repair completed.

All diagnosis and water damage treatment/repair fees are non refundable.

DFU/ Restore fee is non-refundable as it’s an irreversible process.

Please note that refunds will issued within 3 weeks.


Old parts left after the repair is completed will not returned to customer unless the customer asks through email before we start the work

If a device is returned to us under warranty please note that we reserve the right to refuse the warranty return due to physical damage caused by the customer and/or third party.

Cancellation policy

If you want to cancel a repair, you need to cancel it no later than 2 days after you place an order as we aim to commence all standard repairs on the same day we receive your device, or the next working day. You have to notify us via email at repairs@fonefixhoniton.co.uk  Please use your order number as a reference.

Please note that a 2.5% charge of the original repair cost administration fee applies if you cancel after payment has been made, this is to cover card processing fees.

Orders cannot cancelled once we have commenced the repair. Where a device has not delivered to us for repair and the customer has not contacted us in writing within 14 days of placing the order this order cannot cancelled.

Repair process

We aim to complete the repair process within the time stated on our website, and many of these will done within this period, but we cannot guarantee this time period due to unforseen circumstances.

All repair timeframes are subject to stock availability, however most parts can sourced within 1 working day. We can not held responsible for delays in shipping where the service is provided by 3rd party couriers or Royal Mail.

Front Glass Repair -please aware that when ordering front glass repair only, We not responsible for the touch function or sensitivity and we are not responsible for the LCD. If the LCD has suffered impact damage and is marked / scratched but still working and you choose to have Front glass repair only please aware we will not fix or replace the LCD as this is a separate repair

When sending your device in for screen or home button repair, FoneFix Honiton cannot held responsible for home button or Touch ID failure. This is due to the extremely fragile and unreliable nature of the home button on the iPhone 7/8 series and some model iPads.

In replacing a screen on a device running iOS and an active Touch ID, you do run the risk of damaging the Touch ID function during a screen replacement. In accepting and agreeing to our terms and conditions you accepting the risk involved and the potential loss of Touch ID.


All devices sent for a standard repair initially tested but the service does not include a full technical diagnosis.

Protective cases, sim cards, sim trays, memory cards, data and boxes.

We make every effort to send all protective cases, sim and memory cards left in devices back to customers. However, please make sure cards removed from devices as FoneFix Honiton are not liable for any lost protective cases, sim and memory cards or data, so please backup your data before sending the device for repair. Please also aware we do not return Apple product boxes or any other packaging. Also, please make sure the contact phone number you provide us is not a number of a Sim card left in a device sent to us, as it will make it difficult for us to contact you. Relying only on email as a means of contacting you may considerably prolong the time of completing our service.

Unrepairable Device’s

If your device is deemed unrepairable we will charge a DIAGNOSIS fee, Water/Liquid Damage Repair or an admin fee (Usually £25) and any money paid over this charge will  refunded, business customers will issued a credit note.

Customer may apply about special written statement on headed paper for i.e. insurance company, If you would like this then a £15 administration fee will apply.

Delivery policy

We use 1st Class Recorded delivery Services or  Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery at the customer request (extra charge according to Royal Mail fees apply).

All repair charges include free return delivery to customer via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded

Any devices shipped to the customer must examined as soon as the item is received. In case of any damaged or lost devices the customer must inform us immediately or within 24 hours via email: repairs@fonefixhoniton.co.uk Any packaging must kept for inspection at a later date. You will asked to sign for the items to confirm their receipt.

Customers required to provide a full and correct return address when placing the order.

Please note that the address on your account is final. We can not change an address once an order is placed as this information is then sealed and cannot edited for safety and protection. Please double check your shipment address before placing an order.

Please note that becuse return address labels printed automatically before the dispatch,the company will not take responsibility for any delays or lost items due to incorrect customer details.

Delivery times cannot guaranteed unless Special Next Day delivery option was selected.

Before we can consider a delivery as lost, we ask that you allow 15 working days from the day of dispatch before contacting customer services.

Cancelling Special Delivery – If a customer would like to cancel Special Delivery and the items status on account is ‘Ready to send’ there is a £3 repackaging charge to cover admin for the repackaging of the device.

Insurance in transit

We strongly advise all customers to choose a shipping option which offers tracking and appropriate compensation  in case of damaged or lost items during shipping.

If the customer does not select an additional option of shipping we will assume that he/she agrees to have their deivce returned 1st Class Recorded Delivery.

Additional shipping options

– Special Delivery Next day by 1.00pm

Please note that we offer Free return postage using 1st Class Recorded Delivery Service which only carries an insurance for lost or damaged goods in transit up to £50.  In case of lost or damaged item during shipping we will guarantee a compensation of value up to £50, ONLY if the customer sends us a completed Royal Mail “Lost, Damaged or Delayed inland Mail Claim Form” and proof of purchase.

Please note if a device is returned for warranty assessment and the device is accepted. And repaired under warranty terms the device will returned via 1st Class Recorded unless the customer has paid Special Delivery for return postage for second time (even if original repair was send back via Special Delivery). Customer has to inform us regarding way of postage immediately after receiving an email with confirmation of receiving of device for warranty assessment or prior to receiving a device.

Please note we do not return any packaging sent to us such as boxes (including original Apple boxes) or phone cases, bubble envelopes etc.

Privacy policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Device Sent Without information

We will do our very best to track a device and locate it. However if a device is sent to us without the correct order number. And other information that can help us link the device to a customers account, FoneFix Honiton cannot held responsible. Please aware that a device sent without the order number will cause a delay to the repair if we  unable to gather enough information to help us with locating the device. In case of loss, even if it is confirmed that we have received the device (from Royal Mail or other Courier) the maximum refund available will no higher than the order value if paid. If you have not paid then we unable to provide any refund at all.


We accept all major credit and debit cards (except American Express), cash or bank transfer.

Please note that an administration fee of £10.00 (which includes return postage via 1st Class Recorded) will charged in any of the following circumstances:

If you have sent your device off and want a refund but we haven’t carried out the repair yet.

You send us the wrong device model to repaired and we do NOT repair that model.

If you send a device that we do not repair or offer services for on our website.

Should we send your device out for delivery. And it’s not received or collected and the parcel gets returned to us.

£10.00 will charged for every time this happens.

£10.00 admin fee will also apply if the diagnosis service has ordered and no repairs made after this diagnosis. This fee is to cover postage and packaging.

If under warranty you send a device back for repair. And we do not find a fault that relates to the original repair we carried out.

PLEASE NOTE that customer required to make the payment within 10 days of notification. Failing to do so will result in a email payment reminder, and administration. Also storage fees will apply and will calculated daily until the payment cleared. This is at a storage fee of £0.75p per day.

We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions

FoneFix Honiton

Holiday Closure Dates

We will be closed from 2pm on Saturday 1st of June
until 10am on Tuesday 25th of June
We will not be able to view or reply to messages or enquiries and no repairs can be booked whilst closed.