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Having a Huawei phone should be a great experience. It is known for its high-performance camera with lightning fast processor speed, your experience with Huawei should be one of the best you can find on the Android platform. In this day and age, there is nothing worse than losing your favorite smartphone. For many of you, if you have damaged your Huawei phone or you know that it has stopped charging, then the magic of your device is gone. But your smartphone deserves a chance to fight, and with our popular Huawei smartphone repair services, your device will have a second chance at life. We fix all Huawei smartphones from the extraordinary Huawei P30 Pro to the first Huawei P8 Lite. Whether it’s the Pro, Plus, Lite, Mate, P-Smart, or the standard model, we’ve got your back.

If  you have had the unfortunate experience of damaging your phone, FoneFix Honiton can help you. No matter how big or small the matter, we are always happy to help. Here are some common Huawei repairs. Don’t forget we only fit the highest quality premium and genuine Huawei parts and all our phone screens come with a lifetime warranty.

Skilled Diagnostics and Repair

We don’t just repair Huawei screens or replace batteries. We’re well aware that smartphones can break in more than just two ways, and you won’t need to replace your device because of something like a faulty aux connection, a damaged charging port or a dead battery. We can address several issues with your device, including damaged ports, smashed screens, loss of the LCD Display, broken speakers/microphones, and many other defects that many believe are a sign of the device’s demise.

One of the great benefits of having such experienced and highly trained staff is that we can diagnose and repair equipment quickly and efficiently. Whatever the problem with your Huawei device, we’ve seen it all. From cracked screens to blank screens, we can diagnose and repair any problems you may be experiencing.

Every repair we make starts with an evaluation to localize the source of the errors and apply the right solution. Let us help you with the following:

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with your Huawei charging port and replace it if it is faulty. Repairs usually take 1-2 hours.

Screen Replacement

We at FoneFix Honiton can usually turn around screen replacements on Huawei phones in around one hours for all our walk-in customers. For our postal repairs we aim to repair all devices the same day we receive them and return them that very same day.

We supply the highest quality premium screens on the market along with genuine Huawei screens and both options come with our lifetime warranty.

Water Damage

If your Huawei phone has lost network signal, not charging, or the camera is damaged, we can repair your Huawei phone. We also repair Huawei backs and power buttons that don’t work. These problems can all be caused by water.

Sound Repair

If you have a problem with the sound on your Huawei phone. If your phone doesn’t have sound or it’s not clear, it could be a problem with your speakers, buzzer, or headphone jacks. We can repair any Huawei phone sound problems.

So don’t hesitate for a moment when your Huawei smartphone is not working, we can often turn repairs around in less than an hour. Take a look at our prices and book your repair with us, or come for an evaluation, and we’ll work to restore your device to its former glory.

Some Of The Devices We Repair

  • Huawei P40 Pro
  • Huawei P40
  • Huawei P40 Lite
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei P30 Lite
  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei P20 Lite 2019
  • Huawei P20 Lite
  • P Smart 2020
  • P Smart 2019
  • P Smart 2018

Quality Service Guaranteed

We are proud to offer a quality repair service every time, quality comes first. We use only the best premium and OEM parts to repair your Huawei device. You can trust us to make sure your product gets the best care possible. Besides, if for some reason we are unable to fix your device, we will not charge a diagnostic fee.

Huawei Background

Huawei is a Chinese technology company primarily known for its line of smartphones and telecommunications devices. They released their first smartphone in 2004, the C300, and continued to build the Ascend P1 S series in 2012. The release of the flagship phones in 2015 saw a switch to the P-Series release starting with the P8.

By 2020, Huawei has two lines of flagship phones, the P series, and the Mate series. According to Huawei’s CEO, He Gang, the difference between the two lines lies in the customers they appeal to. Focus on camera tech and design aesthetics that can complement more stylish users.


How much will my Huawei repair cost?

The final repair cost is linked to many factors such as model, type of damage, and cost of replacement parts.

Can a Huawei screen be fixed?

Yes, we have reliable tech repair experts, who offer express Huawei screen repair, battery replacement, and many other Huawei repair services.

Are your technicians certified?

Our tech team has years of experience and expertise in new technologies and they always follow the manufacturer’s standards and high maintenance standards. Even for the most advanced models of the Huawei.


At FoneFix Honiton you are in the best place to repair your Huawei phone. The Huawei brand has gone a long way from becoming a cheap Chinese phone manufacturer to one of the best in the industry. We’ve been fixing Huawei phones for years and have developed quality assurance for the perfect repair.

Need More Help Or Assistance?

Feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to help, you can contact us via our online form or call us on 01404515095. You can also reach out to us on Social Media via our Facebook Page.

“You can call us on 01404 515095 or book your Huawei Repair on our website, should you not see the repair you need then please get in touch and we always do our best to help, you can also reach out to us on our Facebook Page

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