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Have you just search “iPhone Screen Repair Near Me” on Google? Then welcome to our FoneFix Honiton.


If the iPhone screen is broken, Somehow moisture enters, stops working on the touch screen and Face ID does not respond, then you need to go to the iPhone Screen Repair center Near you to repair your iPhone very quickly. Display and back glass broke and other screen problems such as software issues, updating issues, etc.  We are committed to resolving any minor problem.


The screen of the iPhone is a very sensitive subject.  So if there is a problem in it, if you try to fix it in the hands of an inexperienced person, you have to go through a lot of complications. In that case, you must look for skilled technicians, advanced technology, and laboratories. Repeated testing is essential to solve the screen problem. In that case, a third-party expert can give you this service in the best way. Otherwise, you will have to pay a higher price to receive the service at the Apple Authorized Center.


Why do you choose us?

  • Fast service: We provide super fast service so that valuable customer time is not wasted.
  • Low cost: We provide low-cost services that reduce the financial cost.
  • Genuine Parts: We use Genuine parts to repair the iPhone screen which makes it work extremely well after repairs.
  • Best expert technicians: We provide manual service by skilled and highly trained technicians.
  • Special Warranty: We have 70 days warranty for screen repair.


Click here to know the cost of iPhone screen repair [2021]


Pro tips for you: If the phone’s auto-brightness feature doesn’t work properly after your iPhone’s screen repair, make sure the phone has an iOS 12 update.

If there is a problem with the screen of the iPhone. Lightly reset the phone as first aid and check the software updates. But in case of any complex problem, never disassemble the mobile parts by any device.


Usually, we repair screens of all models of the iPhone. We work with our customers while maintaining our commitment. In the long run, we have always been providing successful services so our FoneFix Honiton as your nearest iPhone screen repair center is ready for you 24 hours a day.

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