iphone repair

The Apple brand is in a very influential position in the modern world. iPhone is a mobile phone with a revolutionary feature. It is an expensive and popular mobile phone. iPhone repair is very expensive. Apple brand authorized service centers to have to spend a lot of money to repair the iPhone. In that case, if you want to take this service by a third party expert, it will save you money.


Cost of iPhone Authorized Service Center at current market price:

  • iPhone screen replacement: The cost of iPhone screen replacement is increasing day by day. Your latest iPhone could cost more than £300  just for screen replacement.
  • iPhone Battery Replacement and others: Repair costs for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro go up to £750 for iPhone battery replacement and other issues.


Third-party will help you to iPhone repair at a low cost. There is one thing you need to keep in mind to repair your iPhone at a third party. 

  • Google Search: Collect the information you need through Google search. Learn more about iPhone repair. Take a good look at customer reviews.

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You can receive the service from a third party in two ways: 

  • You can go to the store yourself and have your iPhone repaired. Because this will save some of your precious time.
  • You can receive the service via mail-in. However, in case of a return, it will take more time. You can get the service at home and it is the best option for you.


Fonefix Honiton is an iPhone repair company. Here you are getting guaranteed service by highly skilled technicians. It works quality enough so that you can feel at ease.


What you need to know before repairing your iPhone: Many times as the software gets old and the performance of the phone gets worse. For iOS-powered iPhones (operating systems), Apple releases updates for its phones every few months. Make sure your phone has upgraded to the latest version of iOS. This improves the battery and performance of the phone.


The iPhone is now in the hands of most people. Through it, people do their work and entertainment can be easily enjoyed. This is very helpful. So if unfortunately, any problem occurs then Fonefix Honiton iPhone Repair is ready to help you. 

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